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Sam Clark is a comedian, actor, writer and martial artist from Denver, Colorado. He recently graduated from Harvard, where he majored in Social Studies, which is a real major and not a joke. Sam worked in the writers’ room for the Comedy Central pilot Problematic with Moshe Kasher, wrote for the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase, performed with the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, and made videos for his YouTube channel and the internet comedy news show On Harvard Time, for which he wrote and starred in dozens of viral “man-on-the-street” and prank videos. One time, Sam ran for President of Harvard’s Undergraduate Council as a joke, on a campaign based on soup and toilet paper, and accidentally won by a lot and then resigned. A couple other times, he pretended to be a Yale student and staged fake admissions tours and prank protests of Yale athletics to make silly viral videos. His videos have accrued millions of views, and have been featured in TIME, USA Today, Forbes, HuffPo, Gawker, Business Insider, College Humor, Funny or Die, Buzzfeed, and more. He enjoys Taekwondo and occasionally dancing and singing in drag.

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Man-in-the-Field and Pranks

"Harvard Tours Yale"

Sam poses as a Yale student and gives fake tours of Yale to real tourists. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Harvard Students Know ISIS Better than Pledge of Allegiance"

Sam asks Harvard students to tell him about ISIS, the United States, and world threats, and to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Freshmen Move-in Day"

Sam asks Harvard freshmen about roommates, drugs, and vocabulary on Freshmen Move-in Day. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Republican Presidential Debate Reactions"

Sam goes to one of the 47 or so Republican Presidential Debates to talk to supporters and protesters alike about the candidates, including Donald Trump. DONALD TRUMP!

"GOP Debate Round 4"

Yup, Sam is talking to people about another Republican Presidential Debate. This video has a snake and Spiderman in it.

"Grammy Awards Red Carpet"

Sam goes to something resembling the Grammy Awards Red Carpet and meets Jesus, among other celebrities.

"The Activities Fair"

Sam tries out a bunch of extracurricular activities (incl. polo, quidditch, drumming, and probably a capella). Courtesy of On Harvard Time

"Denver Father's Pride Day"

Sam Clark goes to America's third largest Pride Fest on Father's Day. He finds Drag, Politics, Fathers, Jesus, and the Gay Agenda.

"Republican Debate Recap"

Sam asks the people of Santa Monica about the first Republican Presidential Debate, the GOP candidates, and Drake.

"Harvard Protests Yale"

Sam poses as a Yale student and organizes protests against Yale Football with the Yale Society of Undergraduate College Kids Standing Against Sports Spending (YALE SUCKS ASS). Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"The World Series of Beach Volleyball"

Sam goes to the World Series of Beach Volleyball to learn about beach volleyball.

"The End of the Summer at the Orange County Fair"

Sam goes to the Orange County Fair to ask fair-goers about the end of summer, their summer jams, and Obama's Spotify playlist.

"Boston Late-Night Subway Hours (or, drunk people in Harvard Square)"

Sam asks drunk people about public transit and nightlife. They sing with him. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Harvard Kids Mad About March Madness"

Sam asks Harvard students about their feelings after Harvard Men’s Basketball is knocked out of the NCAA tournament. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Valentines Day: Sam Searches for Love"

Sam searches for a Valentine for Valentine’s Day. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"Takes on Tyga"

Sam asks Harvard students to fill in the blanks on lyrics by hip-hop artist Tyga. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"The Mayan Apocalypse"

Sam asks people about the Mayan Apocalypse and their preparations. He finds Spiderman and running naked people. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"High School Debate"

Sam talks to high school debaters. They talk back to him. A lot. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.

"The Endowment has Shrunk"

Young Sam (with bangs!) asks Harvard students about Harvard’s endowment shrinking by 0.05%. Courtesy of On Harvard Time.


Sam and supporting bros teach you how to tailgate. For the Super Bowl!

"Ben Carson Rap – Reactions!"

Remember when Ben Carson was running for President and released a rap ad? Well here are some reactions to that.

Debates and Speeches

"Ivy Male Oration - Harvard Commencement 2015"

Sam gives a speech to thousands of people (mainly Natalie Portman) at Harvard Class Day, 2015

"UC Presidential Debate"

In 2013, Sam and his roommate Gus decided to run for President and Vice President of Harvard’s Undergraduate Council. They did this as a joke. They did this on the platforms of "Tomato Basil Ravioli Soup Everyday” and "Thicker Toilet Paper for All” and "Divest From Gender Neutral Weekend Shuttles” (a meaningless bastardization of three unrelated student causes). Then 1375 students decided it was a decent enough idea to vote for them and they accidentally won. Then they resigned. En route to accidental victory, they debated the other candidates. Courtesy of the Harvard Crimson.

"Harvard-Yale Debate 2014: Featuring Sam Clark and Gus Mayopoulos"

Sam and Gus debate the merits of Harvard vs. Yale for an enthused audience. They have a surprise guest.


"Without Supervision"

Written and directed by Sam Clark


Written and directed by Sam Clark

"Matthew's Great Morning"

Written and directed by Sam Clark

Other (Stand-up, Sam in Drag, etc.)

"Standup: Water Wings and Carjacking"

Sam tries standup comedy at Flappers Comedy Club. He got carjacked, but he’s doing alright.

"Smokey Eye Tutorial | SAM AND VAN TOTALLY CAN"

Sam and Van show you how to do the PERFECT smokey eye ;)

"Blurred Lines"

He’s the one in the blonde wig. Courtesy of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals.


He’s the one in the fuschia wig. Courtesy of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

"Pope Boehner"

Sam proves a causal relationship between John Stamos’ DUI and Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

"The Iowa Caucuses, Explained"

You definitely don’t know how caucuses work. Sam explains.



"19 Most Impressive Harvard Students"
For his work in comedy on campus, Sam is named one of Harvard’s 19 most impressive students by Business Insider, alongside students who did real things like create tech start-ups and cure cancer.

"Harvard Prankster Tries to Go Viral Again"
Sam ("Harvard Prankster") is interviewed by Headline News (HLN) about his Yale prank videos.

Video and Pranks Press

The Crimson: "Yalies are Terrified of Sam Clark"

USA Today: Harvards take Prospective Yalies on Fake Campus Tour

Policy Mic: "Watch this Harvard Student Pretend to be a Yale Tour Guide”

The Huffington Post: "Harvard Students Giving a Yale Campus Tour Goes How You’d Expect It To"

College Humor: "Harvard Students Posing As Yale Students Give Fake Tours"

Ryot: "Harvard Student Takes Gullible Parents on Fake Tour of Yale in Ultimate Rivalry Prank"

Total Frat Move: "Harvard Students Disguise Themselves as Yale Students, Give Hilarious Tours Around Yale’s Campus"

Business Insider: "Harvard Students Convinced Yale To Protest Its Own Football Team In Funny Prank Video"

Business Insider: "Harvard Students Respond after Fox News Lambasts their World Views” "Harvard Students Don’t Look Too Smart in this Video"

MediaIte: "Harvard Students Respond to Getting Mocked by Fox News"

Total Frat Move: "Guy Interviews Drunk Harvard Students, Hilarity Ensues”

The Daily Dot: "Harvard comedy troupe convinces Yalies to boycott their own football team"

Joke Campaign Press

Our Facebook Page

The Harvard Crimson: "Clark and Mayopoulos Bring Soup to the UC Table"

The Harvard Crimson: "You Could Do Worse: An Interview with UC President and Vice President Candidates Clark and Mayopoulos"

The Harvard Crimson: "Sam and Gus Get it Right"

Yale Daily News: "Joke Ticket Wins Race in Harvard UC Elections”

Bro Bible: "The Harvard Bros Who Pranked Yale Pulled an Even Bigger Prank on Harvard"

Martial Arts

Sam is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and certified instructor in Taekwondo. He’s trained for 12 years in Taekwondo, and has experience and training in kickboxing, krav maga, jiu jitsu, hapkido, kali, and other martial arts. In addition to 5 years of experience teaching at United Martial Arts Center in Englewood, Colorado, Sam co-founded Crimson Kicks Youth Martial Arts, a martial arts program for children ages 3 to 6 in the Cambridge-Boston area. He’s taught over 60 kids with Crimson Kicks, with zero injuries and mostly no crying.

Sam is also an experienced fight choreographer, and has choreographed fights for multiple productions with the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Club OBERON at the American Repertory Theater, and the Harvard Ballet Company. He also co-founded and choreographed performances for the United Martial Arts Center Demonstration Team, who have performed throughout the Denver area at NBA Halftime shows, charity events, tournaments, black belt testings, and more.

"UMAC Demo Team, October 2010"

"UMAC Demo Team, April 2010"

"3rd Degree Black Belt Test Fight, October 2010"


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